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Over 20 + years of design experience in fast-paced, deadline-oriented, creative environments dealing with major brands in a broad range of industries including: Pharmaceuticals, Tobacco, Retail, CPG, Real-estate, Financial, Education, Hospitality, Food & Beverage and Healthcare.

Known as a passionate marketing professional that possess problem solving skills that are both analytical and creative.

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“I would hire John LeDonne first and ask questions later. He has a work ethic that cannot be rivaled. He is an expert in his field. He is a consummate professional.”

— Cheryl Zukowski, Senior Director, Consumer Marketing - R.J. Reynolds
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“John was a pleasure to work with. His attention to detail and ability to manage and solve problems, benefited my company but ultimately benefited the client. I worked with John on at least 75 projects large and small, and the quality on all of them was superb.”

— Collin Larijani, Sr. Director of Technology - >Epsilon
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“John demonstrates a high level of integrity in managing our consumer facing web sites, ensuring that consumer interactive experiences meet expectations. I have enjoyed working with such a passionate individual and would recommend John to my colleagues as an MVP in web production.”

— Lori MacWilliams, Sr. Dept. Mgr. - Mktg. Operations - >R.J. Reynolds
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“John LeDonne is very detail oriented and has excellent influencing and interpersonal skills. He is extremely passionate and focused. All of these qualities made him an invaluable member of our team and allowed us to accomplish getting new initiatives live on our sites within very tight deadlines. He is an excellent person to work with and would truly be an asset to any organization.”

— Melissa Peoples, Support Analyst - R. J. Reynolds
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“John is an amazing creative force. He is great at generating highly creative ideas and running with them. John's enthusiasm for his work is also contagious, as he can be an energizing force within the agency. He has a passion for his work, and truly cares deeply about delivering an outstanding creative product for his clients.”

— Rich Oprison, CMO - Chief Outsiders
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“John is, in a word, unique. In these days of specialized skills John is an asset to any company he works for by bringing multiple disciplines to the table. From years of experience in both print and interactive to his strategy and market expertise, John understands more than most when it comes to design and applies that knowledge to his company and his clients. A rarity in today's world.”

— Denny Phillips, Creative Director - CLEAResult
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“John LeDonne is a talented, driven, and accomplished artist and brand developer, whose work you've seen many times. John brings to his projects a passion unequalled”

— Scott Gillespie, Director of Business Development - Distinct Creative Agency
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“It is always a pleasure working with John. He not only brings innovative ideas and professionalism to his projects, but he also has a lot of passion for his work, ensuring that projects are followed through from beginning to end.”

— Jami Broom, Owner - Clicks Internet Marketing

My Services

Branding & Identity

Premium brand identity design services for companies, websites, packaging, letterhead, business cards and more. I have helped organizations across industries define and express their brand identity.

Web/UX Design

Thoughtful insights, strategic focus and well-crafted design goes in to each and every interactive project, helping you elevate your brand, engage your audience and drive desired results.

Print Design & Production

Professional print design and production services makes the branded promotion materials resonate professionalism and quality, all while communicating a clear and consise message that ensures your marketing efforts are going to stand out.

Direct Mail Design

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Social Media Design & Photography

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YouTube & Social Media Video Production

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Identity Design

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My Resume


1990 – 1992

Associate Design Degree in Visual Communications

Associate Design Degree, majoring in Visual Communications. Course work included: fine arts, graphic design, advertising design, art direction, photography, layout and mechanical production

Art Institute of Pittsburgh


1992 - Present

Field Experience

Field work includes: Marketing and Communications, Concepting, Art Direction, Client Services, Strategies and Implementation, Research and Analysis, Print Design, POP, POS, Direct Mail Design Layout & Production, Press Checks, Creative & Client Management, Project Management, Budgeting & Specifications Development, Interactive Design, Interaction & Usability Design ,Social Media, Video, UX, SEO, SEM, Analytics.

Various Advertising Agencies

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  • Address Pittsburgh, PA